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 * Tải lên: 01:10 22.10.2011
 * Dung lượng: 4.18 Mb
 * Nhà Sản Xuất: LC Droid Dev
 * Version: 1.01
 * Yêu Cầu: 1.6 and up
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Download LC_Color_Sphere_Theme_GO_Launcher_EX_v1.0.apk (LC Orange Go Launcher EX Theme) miễn phí

LC Orange THeme for Go Launcher EX

View developer web site or email for instructions on how to enable sphere effect.

This is an iOS Style theme with all Orange glass icons.

It requires Go Launcher EX to run, please make sure that Go Launcher EX runs on your device before installing.

Once downloaded from the go launcher menu, select themes and then select LC Orange Theme.

Features Custom icons, menus, and folders.
Includes several wallpapers.

NOTE: WeatherBug Elite and Go Clock are separate apps available on the Android Market.

Theme Tips
• All of these themes require Go Launcher EX to run.
• You cannot open the theme from the market.
• Before installing, make sure Go Launcher EX runs on your device.
• If the icons do not update --> Quit Go Launcher and then start it again. --> Also make sure if you have apps on the sd card that the sd card is mounted.
• To enable the sphere effect as seen on the different themes, go to Go Launcher Preferences --> Effect Settings --> Select Horizontal or Vertical Scroll Effect --> select Sphere.

Let me know if there are any icons you would like added and please rate the theme. Also if you would like a theme in a particular color let me know.

Please check out my other themes.

Weather in screen shot is Weather Bug Elite.
Clock is from Analog Clock Collection.
You cannot open the theme from the market.

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Wap tải LC Orange Go Launcher EX Theme cho Android từ Google Play, tai LC_Color_Sphere_Theme_GO_Launcher_EX_v1.0.apk miễn phí cho điện thoại, nếu bạn có game, ứng dụng, app muốn chia sẻ, upload LC Color Sphere Theme GO Launcher EX v1 0 apk cho bạn bè yêu cầu yêu cầu với 3 trong 0 phiếu cùng lượng bình chọn 463. Game này được cập nhật miễn phí thật tuyệt với giá tiền $0.00 thì hãy sử dụng wap UpAPK.Info.
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