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 * Tải lên: 14:18 18.06.2013
 * Dung lượng: 412.72 Kb
 * Nhà Sản Xuất: BlueStacks
 * Version: 18-prod.0
 * Yêu Cầu: 2.1 and up
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Download BlueStacks_Cloud_Connect_18_prod.0.apk (BlueStacks Cloud Connect) miễn phí

Play Clouds + Sheep, SliceIt! and 450,000+ other Android apps on your Windows PC!
REQUIRES: BlueStacks App Player for PC - go to to download.

★ CES Best Software 2012 Award Winner - Best App Ever Award 2012 ★

"Push" apps from your phone onto your PC easily and remotely. Then use them in windowed or fullscreen mode. Over a million downloads of App Player for PC so far. BlueStacks is free while in beta - let us know your feedback!

★ NEW: Choose windowed mode or maximize to fullscreen (in BlueStacks on PC)

★ NEW: Far more apps work in BlueStacks than did in our alpha version!


Here are some apps that are great to use with BlueStacks:

GAMES: Play Where's My Water?, Angry Birds, Words With Friends and hundreds of thousands of others

MESSAGING: Use WhatsApp, KakaoTalk and others to message with friends from your desktop

KIDS: Let your kids expand their minds on the big screen with educational apps and e-books like The Lorax

PHOTOS: Instant PC photo-editing and sharing software using apps like Skitch and PicSay

MUSIC: Use media players like the WinAmp app to play files from your PC

SOCIAL: Use apps like Facebook and Twitter to get a streamlined experience

Remember, you must download BlueStacks App Player for Windows from to your PC in order to use BlueStacks Cloud Connect.

Happy syncing!

Wap tải BlueStacks Cloud Connect cho Android từ Google Play, tai BlueStacks_Cloud_Connect_18_prod.0.apk miễn phí cho điện thoại, nếu bạn có game, ứng dụng, app muốn chia sẻ, upload BlueStacks Cloud Connect 18 prod 0 apk cho bạn bè yêu cầu yêu cầu với 5 trong 67 phiếu cùng lượng bình chọn 577. Game này được cập nhật miễn phí thật tuyệt với giá tiền $0.00 thì hãy sử dụng wap UpAPK.Info.
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RetroArch_0.9.9.2.apk (RetroArch Android) - 11:09 18.06.2013 Download
ZonerMobileSecurity_1.1.0.apk (Zoner Mobile Security) - 22:40 18.06.2013 Download
Warmly_1.2.1.apk (Warmly — An alarm clock) - 06:36 18.06.2013 Download
Uninstall_Master_3.4.0.apk (Uninstall Master(Uninstaller)) - 11:02 18.06.2013 Download
Desert_War_1.04.apk (Desert Conflict Sniper Warfare) - 12:52 18.06.2013 Download
Final_Fwy_Ads_1.9.2.0.apk (Final Freeway (Ad Edition)) - 21:18 18.06.2013 Download
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XBMC_Remote_1.0.9.apk (Official XBMC Remote) - 00:48 18.06.2013 Download
LGTVRemote_3.0.40.apk (LG TV Remote) - 18:20 18.06.2013 Download
VIERAremote2_1.21.apk (VIERA remote2) - 17:06 18.06.2013 Download
GoogleTVRemote_1.1.0.apk (Google TV Remote) - 16:42 18.06.2013 Download
Chess_War_1.0.0.apk (Chess War) - 22:09 18.06.2013 Download
Basketball_Pro_1.0.2.apk (Basketball PRO) - 04:23 18.06.2013 Download
C.H.A.O.S.v5.1.1.Mod.apk (C.H.A.O.S) - 00:05 18.06.2013 Download
AndroSensor_1.9.5.1.apk (AndroSensor) - 01:18 18.06.2013 Download
avast_MobileSecurity_2.0.4993.apk (avast! Mobile Security) - 07:02 18.06.2013 Download

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