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  • my kingdom for the princess 3 apk
Download My_kingdom_for_the_princess3v1.0.apk (My Kingdom for the Princess 3) miễn phí

Build your fairytale kingdom and win the princess' love!


This continuation of the bestseller which has won the hearts of the iPhone and iPad users is now available on Google Play!

In the third part of everybody's favorite game, you will find fantastic landscapes and a very interesting game play combining the features of time management, simulation, and strategy.

Now there are three heroes fighting for the beautiful princess' hand. They are Arthur and Helen's sons who have all chosen the same woman to become their wife. You will have to figure out which one is worth to receive Elizabeth's hand in marriage! To do this, you would need to perform multiple tasks, survive treachery, and save the country from ruin.

There will be some surprises:
- your workers are more diligent;
- buildings bring in more resources;
- five magical artifacts;
- unexpected bonuses;
- more charming mini games;
- new colorful interface;
- unique trophies;
- beautiful comics;
- well balanced levels, that gradually become more challenging;
- a wonderful new castle to build - this time with a bear!

It’s time to prove that you are worthy of marrying a princess! Pass all the tests and win her love!


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